Earn Rewards



    How much does it cost to join?

    • Our rewards program is free to join.
    How do I earn Naturelle Money?
    • You earn Naturelle Money by participating in our rewards program, check out the infographic above for more details.

    How to a spend Naturelle Money?

    • To redeem your Naturelle Money, please click the points tab while logged into your customer account. Just search for the reward you want to claim using your points and hit “redeem”

      Is there a limit to how much Naturelle Money I can earn?

      • There is no limit to your earnings.

      Does Naturelle Money expire?

      • They do not. The Naturelle Money continues to accumulate as long as your account remains active.
      Does spending my points change my status?
      • Spending Your Points Doesn’t Change Your Status: So redeem away! Just because you redeem them doesn’t mean you’ll lower your reward status. Just remember that your reward points and level will reset at the end of each year if you have made enough tier earning purchases.

      How can I see my Naturelle Money balance?

      • You can view your Naturelle Money balance when you log into your I Am Naturelle account and check your account page. When you enter a new rewards tier, you will also receive an email notification.